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Our Services

Account Audit

Be honest with yourself, your account could do better. Let us analyze your account so we can provide you with a strategy that actually works.

Growth Strategy

Want to climb to the top of Mount Everest? Hire a Sherpa. Want to climb to the top of Amazon? Team up with us.

Listing Optimization

We’ll make your listing so attractive, everyone will swipe right.

Ads/PPC Management

Ads/PPC Management

Product Packaging and Branding

Turn heads and get the clicks with epic packaging designs

Logistics and 3PL

Need a warehouse? We got you covered with a 50,000 square foot full service 3pl facility in California

How Can We Help?


I’m New to Amazon

If you want to create additional income by launching your first product on Amazon then schedule a call to learn more about our "One Product Away" challenge. schedule a 15 minute call.


I'm Currently Selling on Amazon But Need Help

If you are past the experimental phase and ready to take your account to the next level by working with a team of professionals to increase your sales, schedule a 15 minute call.


My Company is Interested in Expanding Our Reach and Selling Our Products on Amazon

Are you an established company but not yet on amazon and want to get it right the first time? Then let’s grab some coffee and talk. Schedule a 30 minute call


I Want To Partner With Experts & Build an Amazon Brand Together

Do you want to build something great, but don’t know how to do it? Are you Innovative? Have Expertise in a Niche? Great! Let’s team up and build a brand together.See if you qualify.


I'm Interested in Investing in an Amazon Business as a Silent Partner.

Tired of small returns on your money? Learn how you can invest your money into a proven system and a team that provides some of the highest return without having to learn the business. Just sit back and collect a check! Schedule a 30 minute call & lets chat

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Q.1 What does your account audit consist of?

The purpose of the audit is to analyze every aspect of the account and provide a road map and actionable steps that are necessary to ensure success.

Q.2 How long does it take to help us with packaging design?

Our team will need an average of 5-7 days to provide you with beautiful packaging that you and your customers will love.

Q.3 Can you help us with product sourcing?

Yes! We are happy to use our contacts in order to help you find the best product quality and price.

Q.4 What does your listing optimization consist of?

Having an A+ listing is crucial to your success on Amazon. Our team of experts will analyze the product, it's competitors, improve keyword strategy, consult on images, videos, and overall strategy of the listing.

Q.5 Do I need Amazon PPC management?

2021 is more competitive than ever and in order to maintain and improve product ranking and sales, PPC is a crucial step in the right direction.

Q.6 Can you help with warehousing and logistics?

Yes! Our 50,000 SQFT facility is equipped to help with any warehousing and logistics need.

Socialbuz Gives You The Experience You Need To Market, and Sell More Products Online!

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