Search Engine Optimization

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When it comes to building an online presence, we know there’s nothing more important than your company’s SEO. If you’re still sort of shaky on the logistics behind SEO, let’s start with what it is. SEO is search engine optimization, or rather, the process of maxing the number of visitors to your site by making sure that your site appears on a high list of results that your search engine of spits out at you. The higher on the list, the more visitors your company’s site is likely to receive, and we’re here to put you at the top and keep you there.

What drives your website great results

It’s not enough to just have a website anymore – you need a constant drive to keep people engaged, interested, and entertained. So, what does Social Buz think the secret is to driving a website? Better conversion, NAP syndication, SEO ranking, and overall, great results. We’re here to deliver those great results to keep your website moving. 

Page Optimization

  • Individualizing web pages
  • Organizing SEO ranking
  • Content optimization
  • Links, signals optimized

Internal Site Audit

  • Evaluating site usability
  • Evaluating Google ranking
  • Updating internal SEO
  • Improving market share

Content Marketing

  • Creation of online material
  • Sharing of proper content
  • Engagement of community
  • Analysis and strategy

Technical SEO

  • Research of keywords
  • Creation of link building
  • Website Content Writing
  • Monitoring of technical SEO

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